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Posterior Fixation Systems

pedicular screws S33 Spine

Pedicular Screws

S33 Spine Pedicle Screws have a unique design with V-Shaped highly sharp threads, as well as a polished surface which results in succesful clinical outcomes with long-term stability.

  • Stronger connection with friction head screw feature

  • More reliable tightening with the torx design of setscrew. Reverse angled thread design of setscrew

  • Cutting flute design for facilitating initial insertion to bone

  • Integratable with posterior cervical systems

  • Improved features for use in deformity cases

  • Strong tulip design to prevent head splay

  • Colour-coded implants for easy identification and user-friendly instrumentation to streamline the procedure

  • Titanium / Ti6Al4V-ELI (Grade 23) (ASTM F 136) is used as raw materials for Prodorth pedicle screws and these are originated only from our reliable partners in USA

Cannulated Pedicular Screws

S33 Spine Fenestrated Screw System which is also known as cannulated Screw System is intended to be used for osteoporotic pathologies, fractures, and osteotomies.

  • Cement injectable design

  • Offered along with practical instrument for a smooth cement injection

pedicular screws S33 Spine
spinal connector S33 Spine
spinal connector S33 Spine

Spinal Connectors

We offer mainly four types of connectors as Multiaxial, Linear, Bar Type and Hooks, Domino and Lateral Connectors as well as various designs considering the needs of our clients.


  • Wide range of connectors provide eliminating the need to remove existing construction for revision cases

Spinal Rods

Titanium - Transition - Curved


  • Provides an enchanced stress distribution

  • 3,5 mm (cervical system), 5,5 mm and 6,0 in diameter and 40 mm to 600 mm in length rods are available

spinal rod S33 Spine
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